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1.    Sidehill Combines In Action

2.    notillr's 9500 Combine Photo

3.    John Wimp's Combine Photo Gallery

4.    Terry Wimp's Combine Photo Gallery

5.    Paul Penner's Combine Photos

6.    Amber Waves of Grain and Purple Mountain Majesties

7.     9610 Harvesting Barley

8.    Jeremy Finkbeiner's Photos

9.    Alec Yeager's Conversion to Rotary Separation

10.    Kevin Hardy's Combine Photos

11.    Michael & Terry Smith's Aussie Photos

12.    336 Header

13.    Australian Rotary Combine Field Demonstration

14.    Jim Marple's Hillside Photos

15.    Updated M Squared Design Hillside Photos

16.    STS Photos Courtesy of John Deere Harvester Works

17.    Haymaster's Swather

18.    Maximizer Cutting Flax

19.    Weatherly's Combines

20.    Patriotic Images of STS's  JD Harvester Works

21.    Brad's Sweethearts!

22     Stuck!

23.    AWS Air Reel

24.    Combines Near Spokane

( Your Photo Next? )

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Of particular interest are photos of prototype or experimental machines being considered for future production.

Any photos provided will be promptly returned after they are scanned. Otherwise scanned image files, e-mailed to the above address, can be used.

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