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1.   Dwayne Leslie's R-72 In Action

2.    R-50 Harvesting Soybeans

3.    Wade Mitchell's N-7

4.    Aaron Cummings' N-5 Photos

5.    Isn't This Fun?

6.    Jeff Stock's 1977 F Gleaner

7.    Weed Seed Collection Cart

8.    Jeremy's Gleaner Photo

9.    Tom Russell's R-60

10.  Rolf & Sharon Hedt's Embroidery

11.  Rolf Hedt's 1999 Harvest Photos

12.  Numerous Interesting Photos From Dwayne Leslie

13.  Ralph Van Donselaar's R-60 Cutting Soybeans

14.  Rolf Hedt's Photo Album

15.  Ed Boysun's Montana Photos

16.  Early Gleaner Rotor

17.  TLC R62 Air Cleaner Modification

18.  Lloyd Olson AC66 and Gleaner G Photos


(Your Photo Next?)

If you have any photos of combines, or harvesting operations,  that you would like to display on this page, please contact us by e-mail at this address:

Of particular interest are combine "bloopers" and photos of prototype or experimental
machines being considered for future production.

Any photos provided will be promptly returned after they are scanned. Otherwise scanned image files, e-mailed to the above address, can be used.  If you scan a photo, please do so at 100 dots per inch in JPG format.

Mail your photos to:

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