Torx Tool for Stud Removal

by Marvin Gorden

The problem that I find with conventional stud removers is that they either expand the drilled out stud or slip out while turning.

The left hand, screw type, set well when turned, but swell up the stud and make it tighter.  The tapered four corner type loosen up as you turn them and then slip.  If you drive them in too tightly, they also swell up the stud.

When the brass adapter fitting, that connects the fuel line to the filter manifold, on one of my combines broke, it was tough to remove.  I tried the conventional removers and failed to budge the broken piece.   I happened to see a set of torx tips and decided to give one of them a try.   They come in many sizes and I found one that was just right for the ID of the broken fitting.  I tapped the torx tip into the ID of the fitting and turned it right out with a ratchet drive.  The spline on the torx got a firm grip on the fitting without swelling it up.  The tip is about as hard as any screw extractor and, in my opinion, an excellent extraction tool.

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